Greetings From The Foundation Of St. Patrick

St. Patrick has started a new and exciting year and The Foundation of St. Patrick is thrilled to be a part of it. Since our kick off crawfish boil in the spring, we have raised enough funds to start helping St. Patrick. At the request of Principle Matt Buckley, we were able to supplement the school bus program to provide free transportation on two routes from the Catholic Elementary Schools to St. Patrick.

While we have a good start, we need more help. If you are interested in helping support The Foundation of St. Patrick, we are inviting you to attend our next meeting. We will discuss what we have done, where we are going, and most importantly, how you can help us achieve our goals.

St. Patrick Catholic High School Auditorium
Tuesday, August 22
6:30 pm

If you have any questions, please email Vincent Pisciotta at